How I got my first coding job three!

Hi, guys I figured I should share my story with you all. I have been coding for a little less than a year, I have been playing with html and css for 5 years or so. Anyway, a friend of mine that I grew up with that I hadn’t seen in a while told me that I should delve into coding more, He then told me that he had been working on a large scale web application and the organization he was working for needed someone familiar with AngularJS, command line, git version control,MVC etc. He told me if I really wanted to learn some code, He could put in a good word for me with the project manager for a student position.

He sent me a bunch of websites with documentation and APIs over my winter break from classes like(karmajs,angularjs,mochajs,gruntjs,bowerjs,nodejs,git version control) I looked over them everyday when I had time.

Once school started back I received an email from the company stating that I had been referred, and send my resume. Heard back from them and had an interview set up later that week.

During the interview I met with the project manager, and the front end team.
They introduced themselves, and them asked me about myself(my major, my interests, my past experience, my communication skills, past projects,etc). They asked me some questions about angular js like how to use directives. The interview was pretty smooth.

I heard back from them within a weeks time, the salary was non negotiable because it was a student position(organization is a research based organization associated with a top tier university) although It was way more than I was expecting.

I am very happy with my first job as a developer, I have been there for about six months, and learned git version control, angularjs, gruntjs and I have reached a very good level with unit testing TDD. It really has made me work much harder to get my JS skills where I want them to be.


Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your story.

Congratulations! Good look on your career.