How I landed a top-tier tech internship by doing something I love (THANK YOU)

Just wanted to thank everyone who puts a lot of time into making this community great. For anyone interested I published an article on medium that shows how much this site has helped me.


Awesome story, and congratulations! There are some really great resources in there, so I encourage everyone to give this a read.

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Congratulations. You set a goal, put in hard work and got results. :thumbsup:

Everybody who complains about coding being hard etc. should read this article, shut up and start working their asses off.


@twmilli I really found your article both practical and inspiring. I am applying this kind of discipline to my life as well. I’ve also thrown out other things in my life that no longer serve me. Coding is a new passion and it’s teaching me discipline. With my other passions, I just did what I loved and over time I became great at it. I consider myself a “talented” person, but with coding it’s all about understanding, inspiration, and application—step-by-step, working on something each day. I’ve devoted myself to do coding every day, and like you, even if it’s for 30 minutes, I feel excited that I am doing something and building upon my progress.

I’m at my humble beginnings (just got to the Tribute Page challenge today after 9 days of FCC in my extra time), but the sky is the limit. I know it will be hard, but I am committed to not giving up. Thank you for that reminder!


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