How i landed my first job?

well… here i am after months…
one pattern to rule them all! one language to guide them all!

long story short; i had 2 ideals, one was a job that is relate to the seas, the other was related to computer(first one was computer science). in the country that i am living my score wasn’t enough to go to CS… so i became a fisheries engineer. oh crap no market here! no problem i became a yacht master(500GT)… then i said foook that i want a family, then i worked with one of the biggest holdings in Turkey for 2 years. after that i said i don’t want this anymore and left my job. having a yach master agreement with a yacht for 3 months for a nice payment, then my plan was to leave seas and train myself in development area… BAM! there were some complications when i was leaving Turkey with the yacht… yacht actually did left but i stayed in Turkey(this is whole another story really…). So i was left with my luggage in a town that i didn’t know… my stuff (most of my clothes, etc…) went to Italy :slight_smile: then my journey started…

from that day i started working hard…FCC was taking most of my time but i was slow(considering who? god knows) tbh… then there was a national holiday i came to my uncle to make a code camp(he is a dev too, really advanced one). When i came to this whole new city which is Ankara(capital of Turkey), i had only necessary things, i slept on a couch for 3 months, meanwhile i was working as best as i could… day & night… After that he asked me if i could work better in an office(for me it was pretty much the same), then i started to go to the office, had my own desk… then they asked me to work for 100$ for the first month and minimal wage for the following three months… then my salary was to be seen depending on my progress… basicly on my third month look what happened!

on my second month istarted appliying to job ads, with this shitty codes ( had all negative responses. then passed another month while applying( and developing myself) a company called me back! i got a little research and they were good award in 2016(as a winner), award in 2017 & 2018… I went to first meeting it was ok . first meeting is kind of all characteristic they try to find out if you can fit the company culture. second one; they gave me a project(a linkedin page) that has a server which takes whole data from a .NET FOOKING server… i had no experience with .NET actually i hate things related to Microsoft. So whatever i was working in the working hours and in the rest i was trying to create that project. So anyway in the end of the week (that was the deadline)i said i sent the project that i created and i noted that i needed more time to implement a lot of things that i am aware, i asked for another 4 days so in total 11 days that i sent the project. then in the next week they called me back and appointed the next day for a for the third step. It was a white board test, i can’t say i fkd it up! but i must say in the last section of white boards(coding on a blackboard) it was not ok. at the end the interviewer said you are going great and we want can employ you with the minimum wage and we will provide you your milestones. When you beat them up your salary will be raised, if you can’t we will need fire you since you won’t be a good investment (which is totally right, isn’t it?). so i agreed… Then they gave me a start date etc…

the fun part is here i think; they gave me a task for a week, i completed in 2 days with a responsive page(which day didn’t expect but appoved). so i was done they gave me another task and i have completed it in a day too (still responsive, i believe they won’t expect that too). And you know what? they are still binding in ReactJS… thnx to ES6 i don’t need to… And i couldn’t explain it to them. I tried asking fake questions, showing fake codes that provides required info in them. But no it was like i was talking to the stones… So i will code in their way…

please note: in this job i didn’t know anyone from the company, there weren’t anyone to suggest me, is was all my own effort.

so what did i learn?
1- if you know something persist in the beginning.
2- keep your motivation high regardless of the situation.
3- do not calculate your wake state; instead go for the focused state.
4- ohhh important! do not ever think you know things ! but instead declare your information from the documentations.
5- there are a lot of work if you want to work.

Kind regards,