How I made a scam website 😁

I decided to make a website to show people how they might be scammed… So I used the smtp server to create it.
It was created with html, css, and a little JavaScript. In the process of making it I also cloned Facebook and it is linked to my email… Anything you type in the input field … I would receive it(kinda cool) but it was all a demo cus I’m not into phishing

My purpose is to create awareness so that you won’t be scammed easily.
It has being disabled though just check it out.

Click to view it
Note: don’t write your details… Though I’ve disabled it


Great idea as usual. Carry on!

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Thanks❤️ I love the encouragement

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Hy Nice Plan…Keep going on

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You are most welcome.

Riiiiiight :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: