How I reset my git account

I tried experimenting with Git recently, and didn’t do a great job at handling it. I messed up my remote and local repositories, and the mess is just too much. I want to reset my git account completely, and delete everything in it, so how do I reset everything?

I’m not sure. but if you want to reset github account with git go to> Windows Credential Manager and remove the account.

you can delete a repository from the settings of that repository

This isn’t really how git works, you don’t reset a git account, and there’s zero need to do this.

Git works by writing a record of changes to text files in project. That’s all it’s doing, just recording every change. On a per-project basis. And the text files are stored in a folder called .git in the root of that project. And your credentials are to identify which changes are by you, that’s all.

So if you mean a single repo, just delete the .git folder in the root of that project. Done, git isn’t tracking anything any more.

If you mean GitHub, then if you want rid of the records stored online for a repo, just delete the repos you don’t want – go to the repo, go to settings, hit delete

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