How I should get experience?

Hello people!
I heart that I can create my portfolio with FCC.
How that works?
if I completed all tasks and earned all certificates, will I do some nonprofit work to get some experience and create my portfolio?

Or your advice… how create portfolio and earn experience ? =)
thank you for the answers!
Cheers !!!

Free Code Camp will require you to do several projects. When you are proud of their quality, you should add them to your portfolio. You can also gain experience by contributing to Open Source projects (including, but not limited to those for nonprofits).

Where can I find this projects? I mean Open Source projects…

Many books that teach coding have several projects that build upon each other. One of my very favourites is Effortless E-Commerce by Larry Ullman. Find a book or online tutorial that shows you how to build a project that interests you and add the completed projects to your portfolio.

Once you’ve done enough projects to feel confident in your abilities, ask friends if you can build something for them. That’ll teach you how to deal with clients and their demands and the completed project can be added to your portfolio. Don’t have any friends or family who need a website? Take a website you really like and try to replicate it (design, features, functionality) without looking at the code. You won’t be able to add those to your portfolio since you’re essentially copying, but you’ll build mad programming and troubleshooting skills while doing it and this process loosely mimics having a client, since the specifications are exact and not of your own choosing.

Once you’ve run out of Free Code Camp projects, try volunteering your services to other nonprofits. Maybe try Volunteer Match.

With all this experience and a great portfolio, you can start hunting for a paying programmer job.


thank you for advice! =)

You can go on internship abroad. I was once. Really nice experiences. Youth organisation like AIESEC provides internships abroad in which you will be paid for your work :wink: