How i will get group project to participate?

i want to participate on a group project how i wll get them?

That simple you ask the humans

If you know a group that is working on a project together, then ask if you can join them. If you know people that you would like to work on a project with, propose a group project that you think they might be interested in.

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hahahaha, Love this response! @KittyKora I have also been thinking about making a group for newbies like myself, once i learn . then i will teach the groups but for now. Group Projects would be really cool! @solWeb
-Stephen Your Coder Friend. </>

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Awesome, I would like join too to your group Stephen.

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Sounds good my friend! I will keep you posted and talk to some others and form a group. learning group. maybe we can get a master coder or just experienced that could teach. I am not sure the level you are at @garricode , how much experience do you have ? am just curious.

I understand and can complete a responsive website, an ay11-friendly form, and make a good-looking documentation page. Understand how to use and override Bootstrap’s classes. Playing a bit with Python but nothing serious (truth: python turtle). My current learning path is Basic JS., soon expecting to start with ES6 challenges.

But nothing stops me on learning, is there something else you are also experienced?

We will learn together :smiley:

Edit: Let’s move to Direct Message before a moderator warn me for hijacking this thread :sweat_smile:

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Good Afternoon @garricode, So i only asked because i want to start a group and try to get a mentor/teacher to help us all. we can do this VIA skype or a platform for group conferences. i am really tech savvy and i know some networking skills , basic computer diagnostic, but coding is so fun to me, i honestly did not know what i wanted to do, and this year i was hoping to find what i love and what im good at, i can retain information about coding well. i am doing basic html and JS as well. so i am a newbie but i want to make a difference in this world and i believe through coding, we can advance in so many things that could help people with everyday life, or make an application that people want and get it to where they need it. to help them, There is so much i am fascinated by like cyber security.
So like i said , am still a newbie and i am glad a met someone with just as much passion and very helpful, pleasant.
Thank you!
PS; TBH i do alot during the day so i am will reply as soon as i can, it will be within 24hours . i am on the search now for more participants and teacher, if anything we can learn together! like you said.
Talk soon!
Your coder buddy
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Awesome! I will send you a Message, I am reachable through twitter too (sending the link).

I have been away for a while since the early weeks that COVID-19 pandemic started. My apologies, @Sjinxi and @KittyKora.

Did any of you started a group project? If so, how’s it going? I am going write a “I am back” post later on the week.

I am working right on to earn my JavaSscript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification.