How important are the user stories for the last react project in DataViz?

when doing the projects, do you have to follow the letter of the law (each requirement exactly)? Like, in this roguelike that I am building for the DataViz – I have most of the user stories now but… I’m not exactly using player/creature levels, per se:
specifically, the project requirements say:

User Story: When I beat an enemy, the enemy goes away and I get XP, which eventually increases my level.

false for my game currently: your don’t have a direct level, nor XP. You kill an enemy and survive. You find loot that improves as you go further.

User Story: When I fight an enemy, we take turns damaging each other until one of us loses. I do damage based off of my level and my weapon. The enemy does damage based off of its level. Damage is somewhat random within a range.

no level for you or enemy. But enemies get tougher as you go deeper

User Story: When I find and beat the boss, I win.

there can be more than one boss. killing a boss allows you to go UP from the top level