How important of academic degree in computer for programming in getting programmer job?

How important of academic degree in computer for programming in getting programmer job?strong text

This has been answered in depth a few times, so you can get lots of answers by using the forum search feature.

Essentially, a degree makes it significantly easier to get a job, but it is possible to get a job without one.


How to get the previous answers ?

Hi @Mahmoud-Moustafa-Ahm !

I think where you live will play a significant role in how companies view degrees.

For example, in the states, it is possible to get a developer job without a cs degree but in other parts of the world a degree plays a significant part.

Having a cs degree will make it easier to land interviews for that first job. Once you get that first job then it will be easier to land another one.

I live in the states and my degree is in music but I was able to land a developer job through the connections I made in the industry.

Hope that helps!

Thanx its already helps .
im from egypt so i think its there a huge different between west as all and middle east.
i well get in touch with egyption and arab programmers to get the point .
also there a remote jobs and my biological science degree will be helpful in case i toke the bioinformatics track or data science track

.مرحبا محمود
Is your intention to find a job in the International job market, within the Middle East, or are you planning on trying to stay in Egypt.

Everyone I know from Egypt works in Saudi, or Dubai, granted none of them are in Tech… But they have been forced to take jobs and reside outside of Egypt, do to the Economy.

Hello alless .
My intention is to get a job in anywhere but I would targets the international job market.
I don’t have any problem with travelling outside egypt.
Im happy to hear that all of them aren’t in Tech field.
Sorry , What do you mean by "do the economy ".
-currently im looking to get in touch with Egyptian programmers whos work abord or from egypt in reputable company ,so if you know any platform or Facebook group or even telegram or what’s app ,i will be great fully if you tell me

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