How In-Depth Should I Go into Computer Science?

Hi, I found this great website,, and this is what they say about engineers who know CS and those who don’t:

There are 2 types of software engineer: those who understand computer science well enough to do challenging, innovative work, and those who just get by because they’re familiar with a few high level tools.

Both call themselves software engineers, and both tend to earn similar salaries in their early careers. But Type 1 engineers grow in to more fulfilling and well-remunerated work over time, whether that’s valuable commercial work or breakthrough open-source projects, technical leadership or high-quality individual contributions.

Type 1 engineers find ways to learn computer science in depth, whether through conventional means or by relentlessly learning throughout their careers. Type 2 engineers typically stay at the surface, learning specific tools and technologies rather than their underlying foundations, only picking up new skills when the winds of technical fashion change.

Currently, the number of people entering the industry is rapidly increasing, while the number of CS grads is essentially static. This oversupply of Type 2 engineers is starting to reduce their employment opportunities and keep them out of the industry’s more fulfilling work. Whether you’re striving to become a Type 1 engineer or simply looking for more job security, learning computer science is the only reliable path.

My question is, is this true? I want to learn CS on my own, but how much do I need to know for a typical back-end developer job?

As someone who recently finished my CS degree, I would ask what is your motivation to learn CS? Where do you fit in currently Type 1 or 2? I know for me when I first started my journey I was a Type 2 but as I finished my degree I would now say I am more of a Type 1. Life brings many changes and I think you could go back and forth between the two types.

I want to be a backend developer & I think learning the theory behind programs will help me build better web apps. I would rather be one that works on more challenging projects.