How is my car app that created by react js

I have created car application that you can create,remove and add to favorite some cars. I want your feedback.Because I want to start to apply for some jobs and add that project.

My heroku link according to app-car app
Also my source code github link

Please dont remove the cars:)

Looking at the app…

It looks pretty good. I find the color combination a little harsh, but I’m kind of old-fashioned. The main page looks good, but the secondary pages could use some styling, even just a margin. When you click on a car, that page I think could look nicer.

Still, all in all, good job.

Looking at the code…

In CarList.js

      { => {
        return (

first of all, that can be an implicit return. But also, that callback is almost 50 lines like. I hate putting that much logic into JSX, it ruins the flow of reading. I could make a “CarListItem” component and put it in that callback. That would be a lot cleaner. Also, destructuring entry would save some typing, too.

You do something similar in Favorites.js, but the callback is much shorter so it is more readable.

I don’t know about some of the redux - I haven’t done a lot of hook based redux.

You pass dispatch on context? You have no action creators? You use string literals for your action types in the reducer? There is no default state?

I don’t know if the patterns have changed that much. I honestly don’t know.

But still, all in all it looks pretty good - keep in mind that I am a picky and opinionated reviewer. It looks like you are on the right path.

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