How is my Portfolio page?

I am still making this, how is the current progress? -> Is it fine if I give GitLab Pages link to freeCodeCamp?


design looks good, but the contact menu nav doesn’t work for me. Also when I click the “Click me” button a little block appears at the bottom of the screen and then disappears, is that correct? The block contains a character that isn’t rendering, I just get an empty square.


From a design point of view, I would like to see more color, more regular margins, and less box-shadow.

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Your “here” link is not accessible.

You have this “Warning! If you fill the form on then I won’t receive it.” but it’s not hosted on codepen so why do you need this?

I also cannot find the contact form. I looked at your blog. There is not much content there but I guess it will grow as you learn. I am updating my portfolio still.

Yeah the page is not completed yet and thanks for reporting that, actually my path to icon-fonts was wrong in stylesheet. Fixed it now! Thanks

Yeah, actually I have a bad taste in selecting colors so I stay with black to white material gradient. Can you suggest me a good pallete that will work here.

About the shadows, I was also thinking that will not look good. Will tweak it, Thanks!

“here” link is working, please try again. Also, this site has a copy on codepen.

This is not completed yet, I am still working on contact form. Yeah I was working on my blog but then I started learning over here, so no time to update it. Thanks

I will try again:

etc etc etc

I don’t have much color sense either :slight_smile:

So I use this:

Thanks for the link, I will change the text to something else.

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Thanks for the link, I will check it out and try different combinations!

I’m bad at design (picking colors) also. I go on Dribble for design inspiration. :slight_smile:

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@JohnnyBizzel @nikrb @francisdelgad @arw2015

Sorry for the ping, I have completed my Portfolio page and it is live on

Still playing with colors, how’s the page? I removed box shadow from avatar.

I find problem with form, when i try to resize textarea

And no minimum size too.

In some browsers there will be no good display, since there is not enough of the most important one at the beginning of the page - doctype.

The design looks interesting, like a book. Do not stop, there are still many tasks. Good luck!

Erg… How can I fix that resize issue? Shall I set max-width=100%; ?

That will force it to stay within the div. Am i right?

I didnt understand what you were speaking about doctype. Can you explain that? Yeah I will re work on my Tribute page, then continue with fCC. Thanks!

I think the best solution is to remove the horizontal change from the field. Its easy. Just add to textarea style: resize: vertical; (

About doctype

Just check this

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I’ll correct those mistakes and thank you for the last link, helped me spot many mistakes…

looks good dude apart from the from as dsmavlov pointed out.

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I did a quick search but didnt find dsmavlov, what does that mean?

ha sorry, apart from the form as dsmavlov (member reply above) pointed out :slight_smile: