How is my progress saved on the Beta site?

When starting the beta curriculum, I used my email and followed the link in my email in it to gain access to the course - I never had to create a password or anything and I have not had to sign in since. Is this done by my ip, something stored in my browser?

Just trying to ensure that I don’t lose all my progress.

  1. FreeCodeCamp is moving to passwordless authentication.
  2. Accounts on will be deleted when the new curriculum and re-architecture go into production. This site exists for beta testing purposes.

Damn, will the progress that I’ve made not be transferable in anyway? Is there a timeline for when the accounts will be deleted?

You can copy your solutions and save them to re-submit later. Based on past experience, there won’t be a warning before the changeover occurs.

Keep in mind that only the challenges marked with a * are required, so you don’t have to redo them if you don’t want to.