How is the web developer job interview?

Hello Campers

I have seen many developer jobs online where companies ask for specific programming languages and skills.

but how is the interview? all are the same?
what would they ask during the interview? for example, they can ask the developer to create a project?

but I think all the developers do not memorize every code. so they might let the developers to search online while creating the project they demand?

I am so sorry for too many questions
and many thanks in advance.

Interviews are different depending on which company you apply to.

Search through interview related threads here, or read the many success stories, and you can find lots of different examples of interview styles people have experienced.

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thanks so much for your reply.
but please about one question. is there any probability that a company ask me to create a project? if so, what if I did not remember something? they would let the developer to search online while creating the project?

and many thanks in advance.

Again, there are companies that will ask you to do this, and others that won’t.

Also, of those that do ask you to do a project, some will be OK with you Googling things in front of them, and some won’t.

All you can do is go through the process lots of times to the best of your ability and eventually the right opportunity for you will surface.

Don’t worry in advance about the hurdles you might face. Just start the race, and if some hurdles cause you to stumble, pick yourself up and keep going :slight_smile:

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thanks so much. that is exactly what I wanted to know.