How is this built?

Howdy folks,

Just would like to know how would a website like this be built?

Have a look at the demo.

I know it is not reactjs!



How about the native iOS and android app.

iOS - objC? Swift?



How do you know that the developers used

You can use Chrome/Firefox developer tools to view the HTML code (if it’s dynamically generated on the client side), or even mouse right-click on page, and view source (if HTML comes from the server)

I found a line like this, which most likely points to


Cheers for this all. I want to build a version as good as this in reactjs and other technologies :wink: I know it will invoice a lot of work!! (You can see a good list of what all is used)

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Are you still looking to get it built in ReactJS ?

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Yes I am! Why you ask??

The following web address was built using ASP.Net WebForms.
Whenever you see code like this, it’s a WebForms website.
WebForms stores data in “VIEWSTATE”.

<input type="hidden" name="__VIEWSTATE" id="__VIEWSTATE" value="/wEPDwUKLTQ5NDY2NzQ2Ng9kFgJmD2QWAgIED2QWAgIDD2QWDGYPFgIeB1Zpc2libGVoZAICDxYCHwBnZAIDD2QWAgIBDw8WAh4EVGV4dAUXTW9uZGF5IE1hcmNoIDI3dGgsIDIwMTdkZAIJDxAPFgIfAGdkZGRkAgwPFgIfAGhkAg0PFgIfAGhkGAEFHl9fQ29udHJvbHNSZXF1aXJlUG9zdEJhY2tLZXlfXxYEBRljdGwwMCRib2R5JGNoa0NsaWVudFN0YXRzBR1jdGwwMCRib2R5JGNoa1Nob3dDbG9ja1N0YXR1cwUfY3RsMDAkYm9keSRjaGtTaG93TGlua2VkUm9zdGVycwUWY3RsMDAkYm9keSRjaGtBdXRvU2F2ZeyPj2oUiSteNJ43O7K35A528tz80HZ+BJ+nR+24PTte" />

Element IDs like this are also indicators of ASP.Net WebForms.
They are auto generated by the Visual Studio IDE.