How is this survey form's design

Hello again.
I completed the surver form and I want to hear if its good or not.
Here is my link

The design looks really solid. I like that you kept to a simple color pallet and don’t have a bunch of random colors that distract from the form itself. I would maybe auto-focus the name portion that way when you come to the form it is all ready to go and get filled out.

Hi @dhmm, your form looks good. Try and make it responsive for smaller screens.

@Roma mainly I’m backend developer and "Im trying to learn from here.
And I’m doing the projects very quickly as soos as possible :).
For your suggesttion , yes youre right but I’m focusing to complete the first section.
I did All lessons in 3 days :slight_smile:

Besides making the form responsive, I would also remove the outline and border for the input fields since you are with the single line style, it just doesn’t feel intuitive for the border outline to appear around the input once it gets focused on.

@dhmm, if you’re trying to learn, well the first word in this part of the curriculum is ‘Responsive’.

Yep I know @Roma. I will do it :slight_smile:

I find that if I rush learning something new, the information doesn’t stick. Take your time, if you can, the journey can be fun too! :slight_smile: