How long did it take you to attain basic proficiency in Javascript?

I’m not talking mastery, as most will rightly respond that you can never truly “master” Javascript, or that you can but it would take a ridiculous amount of time.

I’m talking about being fully acquainted with the basics, knowing fundamentals off the top of your head, where you’re confident enough to move onto learning the frameworks.


I actually learned javascript “on the fly” by learning jQuery and Angular (and React later on). I think it took me 3-4 weeks by working on some project, solving issues etc. Solving issues with the knowledge you learned is the key, as it’s the best way to learn.

Oh so you jumped into JQuery right off the bat? I read somewhere it is a good idea, but others said its best to learn the fundamentals of the language first. Did you do any of the projects on this site?

All I knew about Javascript before jQuery was that you can set alert on onClick action :grinning: Then I read some tutorials and work on some scripts which did a lot of DOM manipulation so I learned it quite well. But later I started with Angular and React which are quite opposite from jQuery, the rule is “no DOM manipulation”.

So I would say that jQuery is a good way to start for learning basic. You can try to write plain javascript code for jQuery function to practice plain vanilla javascript. For example:


and instead of this you try to write it in plain javascript


And to understand Angular and React you will eventually have to learn some little advanced stuff.

So in conclusion, I think it’s ok to learn javascript on the fly by learning frameworks/libraries, but always try to really understand what some framework/library actually does in the background. They are not invented so that we don’t have to know fundamentals. They are invented to make our jobs easier, to not repeat our code etc.

I don’t have any projects here yet, actually just submitted my tribute page :smiley:
But I like how FCC is organised and I can see that later on there are some pretty cool challenges.

One thing to keep in mind when reading the replies is that there is a big difference between “learning a language” and “learning to program”. Programming itself involves many concepts that are part of nearly all languages while learning a language usually only involves the syntax and rules of implementing those concepts.

For example, most people get the idea of variables pretty easily but arrays are a bit harder to grasp and multi-dimensional arrays are something some people never get, especially if they are more than 2 levels deep.

If it’s your first language, you’re learning both simultaneously and it will take a lot longer than if you already knew how to program in another language.

This is true. But if you can learn by bringing both JavaScript and jQuery together, then you can learn to use the libraries that are most helpful.