How long did you break for?

I am super lazy right now. LoL
Haven’t code for 3 weeks now, don’t really feel it at all. :smiley:

How long have you break like that?

Funny you should mention going on hiatus. I just got done moving, so I hadn’t done any web development for about two weeks. I managed to find a book about C++ my husband bought about a decade ago. So, yeah, I’m pretty much focusing on that right now and letting JavaScript slide.

So, is there anything major going on with you recently?

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My partner is a school teacher and I ended up taking the entire summer off from coding to spend more time with her, and to recharge my batteries.

It was perhaps too long to be away, but I have to say I came back to it with much more enthusiasm.

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Nothing major going on. LoL
I am really enjoying myself on this break.