How long does an accepted Medium article take to get published?

Hello! Does anyone happen to have experience publishing articles on freeCodeCamp’s Medium publication? Two weeks ago, I was told that an article I had submitted would be published after some light editing, but nothing has happened since then. I’m completely fine if this is simply how long publishing takes, but I am worried my article potentially got lost/forgotten.

Thanks in advance, and sorry if this isn’t the appropriate forum for this question.

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I’m also wondering the same thing.

I checked out your Medium account and couldn’t see any stories published by FCC. Does that mean it’s been over 3 weeks since it was accepted without publication?

I understand that the editing process can take some time, but it would be good to know how long it will take. Especially if stories are time-sensitive.

Hi Eddy,

Unfortunately, yes. I received an e-mail from freeCodeCamp on September 4th (three weeks ago) saying that they would add me as a writer to the publication, do some light editing, and then publish my article. No editing or publishing has happened since then.

People who have tried to submit to freeCodeCamps’ publication before may have come across this guide for submission. But during my waiting period, I did manage to find another set of instructions for publishing to freeCodeCamp’s Medium publication here, which I had previously missed. The instructions mention that you can actually message Quincy Larson directly on Gitter to find out your article’s status. At the two-week mark after having submitted my article, I messaged Quincy and got a reply back. He said that he is behind on reviewing articles, but will catch up, and that I should expect an e-mail back. It’s been almost a week since then with no reply.

I completely agree with you on your point about time-sensitive articles. Sadly, my first experience with all this makes me feel like these types of articles would likely become stale before they ever reached their audience.

Like you mentioned, I understand that the whole editing/publication process can be very time-consuming. Fingers still crossed that I’ll hear back soon! I’ll let you know when I do.

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I got in touch with quincy and explained that my article was time dependent. He very kindly added a priority label to my story and it was published two days later.

In total, it took a week from being accepted to being published.

Thanks to everyone on the editing team for a great job :100:

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Hi again everyone,

My article was just recently published, so I wanted to update this post with a rough timeline of how everything ended up working out. Hope this is useful for anyone looking to better understand how the process might go!

  • September 3: Submitted article to freeCodeCamp submissions account via email.
  • September 4: Received reply back from freeCodeCamp, letting me know they were interested in publishing my article. They made me a ‘Writer’ on their Medium publication, and asked that I submit my article through the platform.
  • September 21: Followed up with Quincy Larson on Gitter. He apologized, mentioning he was behind on reviewing articles. He said I should expect an email sometime soon.
  • October 3: Had not heard back from Quincy or received an email, so decided to follow up again on Gitter. Quincy thanked me for my patience, and said that my article was at the top of the queue to be edited and published.
  • October 23: Started to see some editing by freeCodeCamp happening on my Medium article. Editing continued on and off for a few days.
  • October 28: Article was published on freeCodeCamp’s Medium publication.
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Thanks for sharing the timeline. I have experienced the exact same thing with not one, not two but for a total of five stories that I have submitted. Every single one was approved with the same message you received. Not a one was actually every published. I eventually gave up any hope and submitted them all to other publications where they were accepted and published within 48 hours.

My most recent article submission happened in the past week. I might give it some time to wait and see what happens this time based on the timeline you provided.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Jennifer Bland

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