How long does it take to get to the first project?

Hello, i’ve been slowly chipping away at this, i am on challenge 110, and i am just curious when you get to the first project, i’m interested in it. Also any tips as to how to learn better would be greatly appreciated.

My advice would be to try to make a webpage of your own. I think Github pages hosts static sites for free. Using that and W3school’s “Try It” button [Google search: “w3 <your topic here>”], and you’ll see what I mean. Mess around. Break stuff. Fix it. Go to the next lesson, repeat. Then, when you get to the projects, it’s just a more directed version of the same process. It will also keep you a little more focused and change the mental schema into which you place the knowledge that can seem a little removed from its purpose without applying it.

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Okay thanks a bunch man