How long from scratch to Frond end dev Jr

How long dedicating around 8 hours a day to studying , mainly studying JavaScript, CSS , HTML

would a person have the knowledge to get a front end developer Jr job ? i know it varies alot but i just wanted to get a fair estimation

How long is a piece of string?

Your question is impossible to answer, it depends on so many factors… including the job situation/availability in your city/country, your competition, any other educational background, any other work experience, etc.

Fair estimate. A year, possibly more.
Realistic estimate: A year, possibly more

I suggest look at the Getting Developer Job section and read other people’s experiences. You’ll find the above estimate pretty realistic.


So the amount of content to cover is that big that it would take a year studying 8 hours a day to get a job? im from manchester united kingdom and theres plent of job offers going on on tech here

Then that’s cool @rtorrano, 8 Hours a day of study? i dont know when you will be a JR Front end Devloper But your knowledge would probably be more than that within less than a year! PS. I’m talking about yoour knowledge not your job!

Well imo if the person lives in a country with plenty job offers and he have the knowledge plus hes used on how to behave on interviews and things like that anyone can get a job as soon as youre ready to go

Im just a 13 year old mid-experienced developer (about 2 weeks LOL :joy: ) and I dont have any ideas about jobs… But to answer your question, considering the fact that you have enough knowledge about your track plus you know how to answer tricky job interviews(That’s what my aunt used to tell me before)… Why not? But my mom told me, as long as you are still learning, dont set your goals to have a job, instead, set it to learn further about your track! (Just a piece of advice(From my momLOL :joy: ))

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Yea young friend, but we as humans have to do something called pay bills and survive lol so i cant focus on just learning and wait for me to go bankrupt or starve

but yea you will learn that with time
i wish i was learning something like this at your age
and i am 24 …
use your time wisely… play … but play with coding

your freetime and curiosity to explore the new can get you a gold mine…

when i was your age i was making some money doing php bots to farm mmorpg gold and stuff like that
i was the only guy from my school who had money to do random stuff because of this

You’re cool sir @rtorrano! for my opinion, 8 hours a day of studying a day will get you job for less than a year! Considering the fact that you lived in a tech exposed country! I wish I also live there!

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Based on a few analyses I made, it is likely between 4 months to 2 years, depending your level of dedication and the effort you have to make to go through the topics.

The shortest time is usually related to people who didn’t get to the end of the certs. I have read of people getting to end of the certs in 7 months.

You already have the answer. Study hard your 8 hours a day. And get things rolling.