How long have you studied coding?

Please tell me how long have you studied coding. For me, actually, I have no programming background. But I started to develop with some useful low code development tool.

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5 years. Just finished my B.S. in Computer Science from UCSD. Just started the web development series here.

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Wow :+1: :+1: You must be super good at it!

Umm… about a decade, I think?

I started back in high school (so like 10 years ago?) with simple cmd scripts on windows XP thinking I was some kind of pro hacker (I was not).
I didn’t get serious until I went to college (8 years ago) for my degree and realized my school isn’t going to really teach me much about programming, so I took it upon myself to learn more practical knowledge that schools usually skip over.


Hahaha, that’s a long time

Yes, I think sometimes the school doesn’t teach us enough practical knowledge, we need to figure out by ourselves.

I’m an Old.

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I just started learning here a few days ago as a new hobby.

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For six months now. I’ve been watching videos on youtube and using all tools… almost done with my freecodecamp JavaScript series

Me too! I have no programming background and found it is very hard to learn it :cry:

wow! You learnt it by yourself, that’s amazing . I hope I can do it too :smiley: