How long should I continue studying CSS before beginning Javascript? (I completed the CSS Design Projects)

How long should I continue studying CSS/HTML before beginning Javascript? I have completed the CSS Design Projects. Don’t get me wrong- I think asking a question like this implies I’m trying to hurry through it and I’m not, I want to do this right and thoroughly.

I’m doing about 2 hours a day right now (the best I can do with my full-time job). I already plan to spend at least another month at CSS, because though I completed the projects, I know that I still really have no idea what I’m doing.

I guess what I’m really wondering is how much, through the study of Javascript, would I be simultaneously improving and instilling CSS/HTML? I know I need a lot more work on CSS, but I think that it’s also possible to “dwell” too long on something. I have learned enough so far to understand that one of the main skills you need as a coder is “learning how to figure things out”. CSS seems robust enough to me that it maybe isn’t expected that a person would learn every single attribute etc? “Necessity is the mother of invention”, and you learn things best when you need them.

So I’m just wondering at what point do others think it’s best to move on? I don’t want to be trying to “memorize a dictionary”. My plan is to do 5+ more projects, seeking to visually replicate different looking websites, to build up my HTML/CSS skills and then move on to JS. Just interested in other thoughts who’ve been through it. Thanks!


Hello El_Escandalo,

in my opinion you already mentioned it.

you learn things best when you need them

HTML and CSS is a good start, but doesnt have to do a lot with programming. CSS is just a small part of the daily work. Before you start JS you can have a look at SCSS/SASS which are CSS preprocessors.
After that that you should move on building real websites. Instead of using JS you should directly move on to TypeScript. Just have a look at VueJS, Angular oder React. Chose one of them and build your first real website. I guarantee you its a way more fun.

All of these three mentioned frameworks works pretty well with TypeScript. TypeScript is a variation of JS. TypeScript is just preprocessed to pure JavaScript, but has the big andvantage that you have Types while you are developing. This is very helpful.

I am sure that there are people saying, that you should learn pure JS first after moving on, but in my opinion thats just a waste of time.

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Start JavaScript right away. They should go together at the same time.

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Thank you for your thoughtful reply @Fab1anB, I appreciate it!