How long should I spend on programming each day and what are some strategies to consider/limitations

Tell us what’s happening:

How long can I reasonably (and consistently) expect to spend on learning coding (and obviously debugging) if I really want to learn coding in the next six months to a year?

By learning coding, I mean doing projects and the associated debugging. I recently got severe headaches and so I took a 2 week break.

Also, how do I pull up a list of all previously asked questions?

I know other questions are floating around this, so even a link will be fine.

Do you mean all the questions you previously asked? If so, then you could use the forum search to find only topics you started. The assumption would be you had a question for each topic posted.

Click the magnifying glass in upper right-hand corner of forum and then click options. In the Posted by, put your forum username. Click the search icon and you will see all of your topics.

I thought you wanted to know how to find questions asked by other people, so you wouldn’t be repeating them.

You can search for your own questions by using @yourUserName in a search, or you should be able to see past activity through your profile:

`Apologies about the double question.