How long, time wise, is the waiting list for nonprofit projects?

Maybe I’m mistaken, but I’ve read that at this point there is a waiting list once you finish FCC to go through the nonprofit project process.

I ask because I just finished front end, and was planning to finish the rest of FCC…
I’m excited to work on one nonprofit project at the very least.
I’m trying to sketch out my plans for the next ~6mos-year.

I’m sure a highly accurate estimate is difficult, but is there a rough range that could be given at this point?

Thank you.

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There is no waiting list - you can start contributing to nonprofits as soon as you feel ready. Just take a look at the projects on the map, get them running locally on your computer, then take a look at their GitHub issues.

We will add a lot of additional issues soon, though we are currently focused on shipping beta.