How long to study front-end development

Hi ! I come from a finance background and during this quarantine I have started learning front-end development through various free sources. I can say that as much as it excites me I feel that being from a finance background its going to take a while to get a proper hang of it. I wanted to know how much time should I invest in to call my self a front end developer right from the basic HTML, Framwork stuff and GIThub. coz if I am doing it i wanna do it the right way.

If you follow the circilum it does give you a rough ammounth of how many hours it cost
Keep in mind that we are all different and an actually number depends onto the person

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Ohh ok so if I say that I want to give myself an year along with the job I do in my domain is it too much time or its fair enough for a self learner to take this much time or on the contrary even one year is too less ?

To be quite honest time doesn’t matter really
People can work a year somewhere and they don’t necearlly learned anything more then someone that worked there for a month
Things that do matter are:

Experiance like trying your own pratical projects
Understanding of algorithmes
Dedication and pressistance
The desire to learn and progress every day
And some basic math skills

Coding and learning is like a life long journey it never ends


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

You could skip to the back-end if logic, numbers, and infrastructure design are yours cup of tea.

Still, HTML, CSS and Javascript would help a lot when you’re doing the back-end as well.

No I am not looking to learn back end stuff I main core is to study front end web development and digital marketing in which I am already perusing a diploma thanks to quarantine