How long will it take for me to get a job?

I’ve been learning how to code for the last couple of months and I’m just finishing my Web Design certification. I wonder what certifications I’ll need to complete and how long it would take in order for me to get a Web Designing job.

You won’t get a job based on your certificate but only on your skills and project. After completing certificates you should try to create new projects on your own for your portfolio.


The certificates you receive are necessary but not sufficient. You have to learn a lot in private, at home, to gain experience, to master the techniques that will form the basis of your future profession.
In short: practice, practice, practice…
You know? It’s not like investing money in something and expecting profit based on interest.
You invest work, passion, time… You can succeed, you can miss. It depends on luck, chance, perseverance, …
The main thing when you start something is not to give up and fight the first failure.
The words of a great man: never surrender.


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