How many attributes can a variable have?

Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure to write my first post in your amazing forum.
I was wondering, can a variable have more than one attribute? For instance, to a variable like –font: red can I add another attribute, like italic, so that all the elements to which I give my --font attribute will be shown as red and in italic style ? Thank you very much for your answers! (I hope I’ve posted correctly my answer; if not, please feel free to correct me.

no, variables will have one single value

but you can use mixins, which you will find in the third certification as a feature of SASS. I really suggest you do the certifications in order, but if you are curious this is the challenge in which they are introduced: Create Reusable CSS with mixins

Thank you ieahleen, you’re indeed a magical girl :upside_down_face:
As for the certifications, I’ll definetly do them in order, it’s just that I get curious about things when I practice them on my own and I want to sort them out. Again, thanks for your help