How many challenges do you pass per day

hi devs I just want to know that how many challenges are you people passing per day and how you train by the things you have learned

This is going to vary dramatically from person to person and challenge to challenge. You’ll have some days where you spend the whole day on a single challenge. You’ll have some days where you actually end up going too fast and not retaining very much. Don’t focus on the pace. Focus on putting in consistent effort and concentration.


Two, at the moment, cause I want to keep my streak.

I don’t think that I train. I just do / “train” what ((new / old) topic) makes me happy.

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As said, it will vary from challenge to challenge.

I would suggest you always go for quality over quantity. For each challenge play around with the code and test your understanding. You can also move to the browser console or use VS Code with the Quokka extension. Think of ways to use what is taught for something completely different. Even just making a slight change to the requirements will make you re-evaluate the lesson.


I searched on google and youtube and I asked in StackOverflow for something like this but no one gave me a good answer, I use to train with my javascript skills in chrome console but with this extension, you introduced to me, solved many of my problems, and thank for your advice

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Quokka is great, I use it all the time. Good to hear you find it useful as well.

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