How many checkmarks/lessons should we complete a day?

I know this may not be technical and is highly varied for individuals, but how many check-marks/lessons do you do a day?

I think I do how much ever I want per day. Maybe some days 5 or maybe 0. Currently, I don’t really am that daily on the curriculum as I focus on hobby projects more.

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Thank you so much for answering I’ve been doing like 40 a day and I’m worried about burning myself out.

Ah. You are totally fine. As much as you probably could do. When I used to do codeacademy in my early days, I took notes on every lesson which had like 5 paragraphs and alot of html. I would write everything down in a notebook as that is what they teach you in school, which is to write everything down.

Back then I used to do like 10-20 codeacademy challenges per day or even more, but I quit doing them after I got a Udemy course by Brad Traversy.

Here is a tip for you: watching a video in your fun time about coding, then try doing something with what you learned without looking at the video and just use google to find resources, you will do much better.

I also have a tip for you and it’s gonna sound crazy: Stop taking notes just focus harder. My old English teacher taught me this and this is the best advice I’ve ever gotten in terms of learning. The theory is that if you understand it you’ll always remember it and you’ll internalize it.

You are 100% right.

My Social Studies teacher said to take notes of stuff the way that you understand it. Like maybe writing miny summeries of topics.

you could take notes as a way to elaborate the stuf - so not just writing down exactly what’s said but putting it in your own way. And then never look back to those notes