How many FCC points do you have?

How many points have you earned so far with freeCodeCamp?
You don’t have to answer this if you hide your points on your profile.

How do I check my points?
Visit and visit your profile. It should look like the below image.
Its in a spoiler might have to click the image to view.

If the below image doesn’t match yours make sure you have your points set to public then you can turn them back off if you wish. You can access this by clicking “Menu” then “Settings” on the navigation menu at the top.


1132 for me. I never notice the points though…


Quite pleased with my streak.


Brother How you changed your profile avatar hahah there’s no option ?

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In your settings there’s an option that says “Picture” you would enter the link in that location.
I personally uploaded my avatar to imgur and then used the forum share link ending in .png and pasted it into the picture input box.

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