How many hours you spend a week? Relate to coding

  • 0-2 Hours / Week
  • 3-10 Hours / Week
  • 11-20 Hours / Week
  • 25+ / Week

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Programming? Reading? Learning? Dancing?

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True @PortableStick.
The answer is 168 hours/week for everyone.
Rephrase your title @Cowwy.

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Lol, you guys over analyze the question a little too much. If it is asked on a coding forum, i thought that it would be assume and interpret as coding related activity.

You have a point, and we’re half joking, but details are important. Vagueness is never a good thing. The grammar is not even correct. It should be “How many hours do you spend coding per week on average.” The better your title, the more people will be drawn to your poll and you will be taken more seriously.

The answer is always the same for me: Not enough.

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Yeah I feel that way too. Wish I could skip work and just focus on studying and coding.