How many of the Algorithm Scripting was beyond you

I have completed all the frontend algorithm challenges and thought it would be nice to hear feedback from similar persons.

Which ones really had you ripping your hair out and had you totally clueless?

From my maths, there are 47 challenges. The ones I had to really look at people’s complete solution are

  • Roman Numeral Converter
  • Sum all Odd Fibonacci Numbers
  • Sum all Prime Numbers
  • Smallest Common Multiple
  • Binary Agents
  • Validate US Telephone Numbers
  • No Repeats Please

The challenges I find are very good and really test your thinking which is critical for a developer. I loved the challenges. I learned that i’m ok with arrays, objects, for loops, using forEach, filter, reduce etc.

Regex I couldn’t wrap my head around, that’s one area I’m really clueless about right now. I mean I can do basic add and remove but say for example the Validate US Telephone Numbers, I’d have still been doing that all now lol

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Smallest common multiples was a real struggle for me - took me a lot of effort and some Khan Academy detours to solve it.

Where art thou was a pain in the backside, too, but mainly because I had trouble understanding what it was asking for.

I haven’t finished the advanced section yet, but the ones I’ve had a crack at didn’t feel too hard. The US phone numbers was daunting at first, but really helped (as it has a test runner!)