How many people got FCC Front End Development Certificate?

Can anyone answer that question? It can be approximate number. :grin:

I would love to have access to an API so that data can be parsed and presented realistically, not fluffed/fancied up and presented without verifiable source

This might help answer your question and more!

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Wow, only 132 people earned front, data, and back? I wasn’t expecting that. Time to work that much harder to finish, am I right?


There are several things you need to keep in mind that just looking at numbers will not tell you. The front-end has all its challenges complete. There are not data challenges, and no back-end challenges really yet. This is big, because people learn those things elsewhere, and aren’t as likely to complete all the required projects. Also, there have been restrictions; for example until just recently it was required that you use React and Sass, but now you can use any technologies you want. Another big reason is that a lot of people can get junior front-end jobs. I have completed the front-end, and I have gotten multiple people contact me on LinkedIn giving me job offers and letting me know they are hiring. Especially when you finish the back-end and data, chances are high that you could get a job, so there is not as much need to do the “code-4-good” projects or whatever they are called now.


I don’t know how reliable these numbers are as there are too many factors that goes into these numbers. The numbers in my opinion is only as reliable as a survey done on the street.

A lot of questions can be raised as to why there are so many people complete the first certificate but not the other. Such as, did they decide not to pursue web dev anymore? Why are they learning this? Was it too hard? Was it not enough for them?

Until we know the intention of these people who didn’t complete the next certificate, I would take these numbers as fancy statistics.

I for one am not entirely sure the about page is live-updated, though challenge completion statistics appear to be.

I checked almost a month ago and the number of completed front end certificates was still 3,314. I feel fairly sure that in the span of a month one person would’ve completed it, but hey, maybe not.

Hmmm, interesting. Does anyone know how many registered users FCC has? Just curious! :grinning:

Last time I checked the number of registered users was somewhere around 600,000, but that figure is probably not very significant because the registration process is so easy. All you need is an email address. The number of active unique visitors was around 300,000 per month in January.

It isn’t pulling the number currently, so the data is stale. I moved the about page to a GitHub Pages project, and we haven’t yet built the endpoints to pull the live data. I’m pushing the updated stats now.