How much can you Google/SO/FCC Forum?

I figured out my first algorithm challenge on my own. No Google, no Stack Overflow, no Forum.

Just, pure old-fashion thinking. In like 20-40 minutes I came up with the solution to turning Celsius into Fahrenheit.

I know; it’s a very simple challenge. But I wanted to give myself a shot and try to figure it out on my own.

My question here is, how much, and where, should we search when we’re stuck in one algorithm challenge?

Because, in order to learn, we can’t just see the code in, say SO, and solve it, and call it a day.

Googling for some help is fine. It is actually encouraged, because being a coder also means you need to have the skill of Googling. Yes Googling is a skill. You can Google stuff if you need some help figuring stuff up, but you DO NOT want to copy paste other people’s code, because it is against the Academic Honesty. Because one thing that *in my opinion* a lot of new coders always think to do is to MEMORIZE. This is wrong.


Every new project I build, small or big; work or hobby; I always tend to google issues, documentation, error codes, idea implementations, and new libraries to discover.

Memorising everything and understanding stuff right away rarely hapens in our line of work, so don’t feel guilty. Now, as the person above said, don’t just copy paste code without at least understanding the “reason to be”, or the overall idea.

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There are different types of problems and googling advice would be very different for them, but algorithm challenges should be a taboo! If you cannot solve the challenge, DO NOT google for result, just put it aside and come back to it in a week or so.

Developers are not expected to know every method of each interface, but they have to know what every interface is capable of and then lookup for the instruction how to do that exactly. For example I know that Intl web interface can format relative time. I have no idea how exactly, but that’s enough for me to decide whether I need to use external library moment.js.

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Agree. That’s why I came to FCC. I think this is the last resort, in terms of curricula and learning how to code.
However, I know many developers who are working at big tech companies that claim that whenever they’re trying to do something, a change in a feature, or working on a new app, they google stuff up, and copy paste the code.

But the fact they knew what they were searching for, and somehow changed the code, or refactored it, that’s also part of being a developer.

Here, on the other hand, is not what I intend to do.

I think I should stick to the forum where people help you out without giving you the answers.

Thank you all for your comments.