How much did you learn before you felt confident enough to apply for jobs?

I want to eventually get work as a Frontend Developer in New York City, but I know that I still have to study the basics. So far, I completed basic HTML basic CSS , applied visual design, applied accessibility and responsive web design principles . I’m up to challenge 76 on basic javascript, too. Along with that, I visit other websites to learn how apply these skills, and learned how to use Git and Github.

How do you know when you’re ready to apply for jobs? I’m happy to say that I’m getting over the learning curve of understanding Git and Github. HTML and CSS are not hard for me either. Javascript is difficult to understand, but not impossible. Are there any small projects that involve javascript that any of you would reccomend for me. I think that I retain what I learned about vanilla javascript if I apply it to a real-world project.

When I was first teaching myself how to code I spent about 80 hours a week coding for 4 months before I felt confident enough to apply for jobs. However I took the full stack route so I was learning HTML, CSS, JS, Ruby and SQL. So your timeline could be smaller with just the frontend to tackle.