How much do you code per day?

How much do you code per day?
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So I’m planning to cut how much time I spend coding and hopefully get back on track. How are you these days? Still coding?


i code/learn 8hrs, play games 4hrs, im - pro photoshop, video editor,; novice - js java c c++ sql jquery android dev ae… and many more…

im a computer/mobile/tech geek/nerd/psycho.

my first FCC pen project>

now in process to remake FCC project 2(Portfolio) full in Bootstrap 4


yep. still coding. I’ve put together a schedule of the exact times I need to code. I’ve found that helps. So for example, Monday 1h, Tuesday 2h, Wednesday 4h, Thursday 4h, Friday 4h, Saturday 4h, Sunday 1h. All together it’s 20h, and averages out to around 3h a day. So I’ve bumped it up a bit.

I think what pushes me is the fact that I hate working a low-level, no-skilled, no-growth job soooooooooooooooo much, that it just lights a bit of a fire under my butt to work a bit more.

It depends on the person, what fits them. I’ve found that going through the process, trying different things, failing at them and making conclusions, kind of makes it more clear to the way you personally need to learn and how you like it.

My personal things that make it much easier for me:

  • Prepare food ahead of time before coding. Also preferably eat a nice meal before coding. That way you’re not distracted by hunger, and when you are you can quickly grab whatever you prepared before.

  • Code as close to the morning (or whenever you wake) as possible. Your brain really does function worse as the time of the day gets closer to the sleeping hour. There was this interesting study somewhere, how the brain can only make a finite amount of good quality decisions a day. Coding with a fresh mind, means better decisions. If I keep postponing it throughout the day until evening, I find that I really, really won’t feel like doing it anymore and a lot of times just won’t.

  • Make some sacrifices. Set your priorities. Make coding as high on the list as possible. As Albert Einstein said: “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” The way this impacted me is to spend a bit less time with my girlfriend (this can also mean friends) and more on my goal. I do have to say however, that I still put in an effort to make that time that I do spend with her - quality time.

Also, one last thing. At this moment, my plan for whenever I get burnt out from coding, is to just code at least 30 mins a day. That’s it. If I’m not gonna want to code more, fine. Not gonna feel guilty. If I am gonna want to code more, fine. I did it once and it kinda worked, because you sort of still do it, but you’re kind of taking a break from it at the same time. And doing this for a week or two will eventually lead to “hmm. I’m not making enough progress. This is way too slow”, which will cause me to work back at the normal rate again, or even more.


I’m gonna use this as motivation :slight_smile:


most of the time is spent fixing bugs, maybe about an hour of coding everyday and the rest is fixing bugs and googling how to fix things. I hope I can code more if I ever get good at this.


I used to try and code basically all day but that kept causing horrible burn out. Now I code between 3 and 5 hours a day.


working out helps immensely to increase your attention span. The more endurance you have, the bigger your attention span gets .


Between 1 and 10 hours a day. I work 8-12 hours per day as a teacher, so I squeeze in whatever I can during the week and put in as many hours as I can during the weekend. Hope I can switch careers soon so I have more time to code :slight_smile:


I am in the fortunate position that I can work part time as a freelancer at the moment. I am able to spend around 5 hours a day to learn new stuff. I’m learning Mandarin Chinese, and brushing up my French. I am also back to coding and Photoshop and 3D modeling again, after not having done that for 15 years or so. I missed it. The 3D modeling is actually really interesting at the moment, since the 3D printers are getting more common now. So it’s mostly ‘for fun’ at the moment, but if I could make some money with it, that would be awesome.

With no commuter time, I and all that, I still can manage a healthy life style. I do grocery shopping every day, and buy fresh vegetables and fruit. I don’t dp grocery shopping by car; I walk. I also manage to do 1-2 hours of volunteer work each week.

I really have a lot of respect for people who takes this on, next to a full time job!