How Much Does Video Animation Company Cost for Taking Their Services?

I’m searching for the best video animation company that is affordable and must be in my range. I own a very small business and I need to promote my services on the internet with the help of an explainervideo. I have heard that the video animation companies cost a lot of money from their customers, and it is sometimes very difficult for the small businesses to afford any kind of the video animation services. Since explainervideos are the simplest form of the video animation, I would really like to know how much does it cost, and it will also be very helpful if someone can suggest me that which place to hire that is cheap or at least affordable and can deliver the videos in a good quality. I’m not asking for a very high-quality product, as it will be too expensive for me, so if anyone could suggest an affordable place with a good average quality, it will be really very useful.

Two sources come to mind: Freelance jobs over in Asia, or art students here.

Hi Keira,
Yes, there is no doubt animated video are so much costly and animation firms charge a good amount for it. Well, I don’t have an exact idea of how much does it cost! But it varies on the requirements depending on your need and one thing is necessary to remember that there are a lot of verities in the field of animation, like 2D, 3D, Explainer, Whiteboard, and other categories decide first what you want after that contact with any affordable animation video company and ask them to show their portfolio and select anyone, you like most and fix the price. This is one of the simplest way to get online animation services. If you are not aware of all the different kind of animation just check on the youtube so get a better idea about specific animation video.
Hope you find it helpful.

Just go to Fiverr, this is a great place for straight-forward things like this: logos, voice-overs, animations, intros etc. Pretty sure they even have a subcategory in animations for exactly what you’re looking for.

There is absolutely NO REASON why you should be paying hundreds of bucks for it.

// now noticed that this topic is pretty old, the OP probably already found what he was looking for.

Recent research shows that people most probably prefer video content than reading texts and paragraphs on a website. explainer video service thus, rather than explaining your brand stories through written texts, it is good to promote through explainer videos and stretch your ROI further.

Ah yes, Facebook’s “we misinterpreted the stats on videos, we thought they said videos were essential for retention, apologies to some news orgs that went bankrupt & to the others that gutted the journalistic side in favour of what turns out to be extremely expensive video stuff”