How much hourly rate should I charge my client?

I have some experience in developing web apps. I have done some projects in React.js and Node.js. Recently a person from my country approached me on Facebook and said that he found my profile on Github. He saw my recent mini project about the live views counter of YouTube videos. He asked me to build a similar website with more features in it. He said that he would pay me for it. I haven’t done any sort of freelancing before and have no idea how much I am worth. I even don’t know how to and how much to charge him whether per project or on hourly basis. I don’t consider myself a beginner as I have some experience in web development(Front end and back end). Can campers here help me in this? I would be really thankful to you.

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Do you need/want the money bad?

  • take the job
  • if you’ve got plenty of money, enjoy life.

Do you have time for this?

  • yes, take the job
  • if no, make the person go away by charging a high price. if client bites, make time for this

Do you want to do this job?

  • if no, charge a higher price. I client bites, suck it up and think of all the cool new toys you can buy, or vacation you will take
  • if yes, don’t tell the client. act cool, but inside you’re like pls pls pls I want your company on my list of clients for my website

Do you think this person/company has money and can pay you?

  • no, don’t take the job
  • yes, do they have lots of money? charge a high price.

Do you know the scope of the project?

  • yes, its easy, can be done quick, already have the libs for it…charge per project
  • no, then charge hourly. Can client pay hourly? See above for answers.

I can’t give you a specific number because that varies and depends on where you live, the standard of living ,etc. But you are worth as much as the client thinks you’re worth it. If the client thinks you’re worth $10/hr and you agree to take the job, then you’re worth $10/hr. If you quote client $100/hr and they agree, then you’re worth $100/hr. (If you charge per project, and you can finish this in a couple of days, your equivalent hourly rate shoots up through the roof.)

So what starting number should you pick? Look for the typical annual salary of a programmer requiring the same skills (in your country) makes… and pro-rate to either hourly rate or how long it will take to do this project… got that number? Now multiply that number by 2x or by 3x or 5x. Why? He’s not paying you benefit, or taxes, or company perks so you need to make up for it.

The most nerve-wrecking time is when you write details of contract telling the client you want to be paid XXX amount… then waiting for the client to sign on it. Will they bite? or not? If they bite, big celebration! – after all, you remember to charge them what you think you’re worth, maybe more…

Oh yeah… protect yourself. Have a written, signed contract between the two of you. This is a must for new clients. After you guys have worked on several projects, then there’s a level of trust and you can just agree verbally.

Good luck!


Thanks for such a detailed explanation. I am very glad some one helped me in figuring this out.