How Much is FCC's Cloud Bill Each Month?

Hey @QuincyLarson, now being the 1,7XXth most popular site on the internet (or whichever the exact number quoted was post Medium move), I am curious, how much it takes now to support the traffic, and do you get breaks on the bill for non-profit?

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Our cloud bills are thousands of dollars each month.

A lot of that goes to pay for /news, which averages more than 1,500+ concurrent readers, and its database.

Some of that goes to pay for our main site, its databases, its load balancers, and other servers.

An even bigger chunk of our cloud bill goes to pay for my weekly email blasts. I send 2.5 million emails each week, and even with our Mail for Good tool Amazon’s ultra-low-cost email API, that still adds up to more than $1,000 each month.

Add to all this the other services we use, and the temporary the servers we spin up for various migrations and scripts, and it really adds up.

We are able to pay for all of this thanks to donations from our supporters.

We keep our costs extremely low, but we still struggle to break even.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (a public charity), which means that your donations to freeCodeCamp are tax-deductible. Donate if you can. :slight_smile:


Wow, that is illuminating. I just set up a donation. Look forward to 7.0!


Holy moly $1000 for the emails?

I’ll start reading them more slowly to really savour them.


Thanks for your support. Every little bit helps.

I’ll make a much more detailed article about this in time for our October 15th 5th anniversary.


Thank you FCC volunteers for building such a great community of devs

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Thank you FCC volunteers for your selflessness.