How much portfolio time would you devote to projects with view templates?

I did about half of the Express.js projects on FCC using PUG templates. I didn’t polish them and the projects are probably too small for a portfolio, though they did help me learn.

Now I’m doing real projects. I have a basic recollection of PUG and if needed, could probably relearn how to pass in variable data pretty quickly by keeping an past project open.

But I am focusing on React projects. I plan to make several projects with it now and in 2019 to showcase my skills.

Would you guys also make a fair sized project with view templates (pug or something else) to show that you know how to work with templates as well? Or is it fine to focus on React for your front end presentation?

I feel like React is more important, and React’s JSX is similar to enough to template languages that using it involves the same skills. I haven’t seen a job ad that specifically mentions PUG.

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