How much should I ask for my work

So a friend of mine has a friend who needed a software for handling data of his new restaurant and to print bills. So he asked me casually that can I make one for him? So I thought a little bit and said yes I can but I’ll need to revise some stuff this conversation happened months ago and then suddenly he called me to make this thing for him in like 10-12 days and I said I won’t be able to provide every feature that he is asking for in such short time so he asked me to complete the basic things like saving menu items prices, printing bills, storing customer data, staff data, staff attendance etc.
I was planning to make this in Java because I have done some work in Java before but it’s been a really long time since I last made a GUI application in Java I have totally forgotten JavaFX it would have taken some days just to revise how to make the front-end for it so instead I decided to make web application which will run on his PC as designing web pages is way more easier for me then designing desktop app . I decided to handle backend with JSP, Servlets and MySQL and HTML CSS JavaScript for the front end. But still it took longer than expected almost 20 days because I had never made POS application before so I was having trouble in printing the bills correctly.
But after completing this I have no Idea how much should I ask for it. This is my first project which I made for someone who’s actually gonna use it and pay for it. It did took a lot of efforts but I also feel like I have cheated I didn’t made a software its a web app it does work the same way but its not the same and does require more time in installing as we need JVM, MySQL and Tomcat server installed on the PC for it to work. So I’m confused with the pricing.
Any suggestions?

even if u feel like you cheated, you still put some efforts into it.
Ask him for a fair price, programming is like some sort of art and not everyone can afford it( creds to the original quoter)
Tell yourself how much he should be paying you, remember, you did the work and you deserve every pay u ask for:)
I also recommended videos of pricing your works if my advise was unhelpful lol:)

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Thank You for your response. I tried looking through prices on fiverr for similar work but it only confused me even more. Some prices are really high some are too low. The ones with high prices had lots more features so seemed unfair to go that high and low ones they have already made these products and they just edit them according to needs, so they can reduce their prices to get more orders. But that’s not the case for me.

Calculate your price with the hours you spent
like 20$ or 30$ then remove 10% or 20% because you feel you didn’t make exactly what he wanted .
don’t look at fiverr their prices are too low to attract costumers then they raise it with the features .

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