How much should i study?

Ive never been the study type and was in a school where you pass just by being in the classroom so I never learn at home or did homework. Its taking me a long time to finish anything in the Responsive web design certification (the new one) and I think its because I have no idea how much time I should spend a day learning. I’m having a hard time concentrating and spacing out after every level. I know everyone is different and study for a different amount of time a day but I just need little guidance on what to do.

10 years? or more? see how fast you can

I am also new i just started learning JS

In my opinion you should dedicate between 1-2 hours learning each day depending on the difficulty level of the FCC topic you are currently learning

Then you should spend between 30min- 2hours practicing what you have learnt to make sure it has been internalized

So in all you should study/practice for 1:30 mins- 4hrs everyday

I also am not the study type. The most effective study time I’ve ever had is taking all my stuff, going into a library with 0 distractions with a book, paper and pen. I’d have 2 choices by that time:

  1. Be bored and do nothing
  2. Study

Sure I had a phone at the time, with endless distractions on it, but I shoved it into my back pack and turned it off.

I’d ask yourself what do you end up doing that breaks your concentration and gets you “spacing out”?

I’d maybe try to dedicate some specific set of time for “focus” and then relax for a few minutes. Or take a goal based approach and give yourself a break after you finish ____. Keeping the goal small and simple will give you a good chance of actually finishing it. It could be a challenge, or even a single test.

Overall the main ideas are consistency and quality. You want to spend your time efficiently, and you want to be consistent about spending that quality time. Together you’ll get where you need to go. But if you lose out on one of these aspects, you’ll end up consistently spending your time inefficiently, or only spending quality time sparingly, or worse!

Other tips are somewhat obvious but worth still giving:

  • minimize distractions
  • plan and set goals for your “session” ahead of time
  • make yourself accountable

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

Also learning right now.

Example for you just from yesterday.

I was learning some JS.

At the start I was understanding new material right off the bat.

6 hours later or so I begun to do like 5-10 mistakes in simple exercises.

So idea is: be sure to take a break when needed. That way you can be more effective in your studies.

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