How much to revise completed projects?


I was wondering if anyone could offer advice in terms of how much to revise completed projects? What I mean by this, is trying to ‘clean’ code up/trying to make it more efficient and in particular, revising things you 'sort of ’ understand, but could probably do with revising a bit more to really have them clear in your head?

I had sort of come to the conclusion that any things that I still may have some doubts about, will become clearer and clearer as I progress through challenges and projects, but I would also be grateful if anyone had any advice in relation to these points.

I am still unclear of what you mean by “how much”. Are you asking how much time it would take to revise projects?

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Hello, thanks for your response. Yes, I mean ‘how much’ in terms of time. I don’t mean a specific number of hours.

I suppose what I really want to know is, if you still have a few doubts about a few things, should you push through to the next courses and work it out as you go along or should you spend time reading/researching to make sure you understand everything ‘perfectly’ first?

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Don’t aim for perfect understanding.
Aim for basic understanding.

Your deeper understanding of these concepts will come through a lot of practice over a period of time.
I would suggest if you have a basic understanding to keep going through the course and then continue to build small little projects along the way.

There is nothing wrong with refactoring old projects, but you will also learn more by continually building more projects and solve different problems.
Then you will start to see over time with a lot of practice that concepts will start to make more sense.

Most of your earlier projects you build will be practice anyway which is fine.

Just keep building and learning :+1:

Hope that helps


Yes, that is very helpful. Thank you very much for your response.

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Just in terms of the certification for Responsive Web Design, what actually shows up on the portfolio? The fact that it has been completed or all the code etc. as well?

I ask because I am trying to figure out how much time I should spend applying CSS to the code to make the pages look better, or if that time would be better spent trying to create projects of my own?

Curious how other people approach this…

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(I know that this is very similar to my earlier question, but I’m not sure if the projects are intended to be shown on Github or elsewhere or if you just get the certification, in which case you might consider spending the time on your own projects instead…)


Sorry for the delayed response. Been busy with work. :grinning:

For your portfolio used for jobs, you will need to build project with more complexity.
So these projects you are building with freeCodeCamp are great for learning and initially practicing your skills but they won’t go on your portfolio you will use for jobs.

Try to apply the best CSS you can in the moment and move onto the next project.
You are going to be building more projects on your own throughout this process, and later on they will be projects more complex in nature.

GitHub is a place where you can store any type of projects.
You are free to create repos for your responsive web design projects.


sorry, I just saw your response. Great information - thank you very much.

Sorry, also, if I have completed all the projects, can I claim the certification and subsequently go back and style them? I have mainly just passed on the basis of the html code and want to make them look somewhat presentable, but wondered if I should claim the certification before or after doing that…?

You should have some styles for these certification project.
They don’t have to be professional level designs but you should apply the best styles you can to projects because it is all part of the learning and growing process.

Yes, even if you already claimed a certificate you can resubmit challenges with updated code.