How my non profit can register with freecodecamp

We love freecodecamp, but our community needs little help with development. I tried going to but couldn’t find any application form.
Thank you

Nobody got that far in the curriculum, so the idea got dumped. In the new learning tree, now in beta, the challenges for this are not ready yet, but I think the focus will be on FCC started projects. Some duplicate existing Free software, so it’s a bit of a shame. We’ll see how it ends up.

For now you can recruit manually, yourself.

So any other way I can help mozilla or freecodecamp in their mission/cause?

Wait, I thought you were looking for help for your own NGO/NPO.
Most if not all Mozilla projects are Free software, so you can jump in and contribute in whatever way you find best or easiest. Similarly for FCC — all the code is on github. But of course coding isn’t the only way to contribute …