How not to get dishearted during a project because it already exists somewhere else

I’m new to app development and I’ve been working on a specific app for a while.

obviously I’m aware that there is app for everything already, but I just find it so frustrating that whatever I think of is already taken.

so recently I saw an app that was doing exactly what I’ve been working on, and although I think my front end looks better, the other app is more functional than mine and got me really dishearted.

how do you guys deal with this?

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I recently made a Tic-Tac-Toe game. There are a trillion Tic-Tac-Toe apps out there. But what sets mine apart from the others? It’s mine. There is no rule that says every project you make has to be unique, or the Next Big Thing :tm:. You are allowed to make projects simply for the thrill of coding, or because it is something you want to try.

And if the other app is more functional than yours? Instead of getting disheartened, think “Hey, I’ve got a great start. Now how can I make mine do that?”

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