How on earth do you run test on codepen?

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Sorry I’m new to using codepen, I usually just code locally, but as the requirement for the course is that we run tests, I am honestly lost.
I followed the instructions, but on the editor page there’s no dropdown to run the test, neither if I open the html page in another tab. But on the codepen dashboard, I can see it as a thumbnail, but can’t access it.
I know it’s probably me being silly, but please point out for me what I’m missing

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Challenge: Build a JavaScript Calculator

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Can you share a link to your codepen?

I just started so haven’t put any content, but have added the script tags

The dropdown to run tests is in that yellow box in the top left corner.

Were you able to figure out how to run the test suite?

It’s there I can see it, but I can’t select it to run the test

No not yet :frowning: is there something else I should do?

I am a little confused here.

Did you do the projects for the responsive web design course?
If so, you were supposed to run tests for those projects as well.

gif showing how to run tests

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No I skipped the projects, because I couldn’t figure how to run the test

Ok, no problem.

Were you able to understand the video that @ArielLeslie posted?

How did you get to here? From the Dashboard or the editor page? Because I can see the yellow box from the dashboard, but I can’t select. Then on the editor page, I just have the html, css & js windows

I just clicked the link that you shared.
What browser are you using? Do you have any browser extensions installed that can block scripts?

I’m using Chrome, with an ad blocker. Let me disable it, along with any other extensions and try again

The editor

The dashboard

And the page

That’s weird.

Can you try another browser?

Did you also try the test suite in the localhost?

Ha! It works on firefox!

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