How putting tags in same line in code changes the output?

In the NEW Responsive web design course, in Learn basic CSS by building Cafe Menu, in step 41, how putting the two paragraph tags in the same line in code changes the output?

  1. The width of both the p tags is 49% (becoz of the previous step).
  2. Now i change the width to 50% (for both).
  3. In output , elements appear one below the other.
  4. Then i follow step instructions to make both the p tags on the same line ( flavour and price ).
  5. In output , the tags appear in the same line.
    How this change in code changes the output? Please explain me this in as much detail as possible.

cafe menu step 41

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Can you post a link to the challenge please?

Learn Basic CSS by Building a Cafe Menu: Step 41 |

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