How should I be progressing in this course?

Hi All,

So far I have made it through all the basic algorithm challenges, but I’m feeling so so about them after finishing.

Partly due to having to lean on the chat a few times for some guidance and help. That being said, I decided instead of moving forward I should redo the challenges again to ensure I understand what I need to do.

A couple of the challenges still proved difficult even on the 2nd time around…sigh. I’m currently stuck on Chunky Monkey again because I had a substantial amount of help with that one on the chat. Now doing it on my own is making it rather difficult haha.

Either way my question is this, should I be going the route that I am currently going? Doing the exercises over and over to I really have a grasp and then move forward, or should I just push through, get the challenges complete and move forward?

Part of me thinks that I should just push on because I’ll discover new methods or new ways of getting stuff done, but in the same vein if I cannot complete the basic tasks will the new methods I learn even matter since coding seems to be a compounding skill set?

I’m hoping to get a little feedback on this, and maybe what others found to be the most successful way of learning.


Sounds like you’re focused on comprehension instead of speed and like you’re getting value out of that. Good job.

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Thanks! So I take it I am approaching this correctly? I know sometimes is just best to power through some things, but I don’t feel like coding is one of them. I was more or less looking for some feedback on if my thoughts were correct. :slight_smile:

Getting help from others is not something to feel bad about. All too often my loner nature prefers to spend 8 hours banging my head against the problem rather than 8 minutes admitting I need help, but I’m aware that that’s silly. The best coding workplaces are very team-oriented, pair programming etc.

You’ve already hit on the litmus test for getting help: you can’t replicate the result on your own yet. I’d suggest the next step is to get help again. Sometimes hearing different people explain the same thing makes it “click.”

Also, yes, there is such a thing as getting stuck on one level for too long. Sometimes I “preview” my learning, using a mindset of “I’m not getting all of this right now, but I’m going to push on so I get the big picture, then back up and go over it again and maybe it will make more sense having gotten what comes after.”