How should I build graph with JSON file in JS?

It is my first time building graph, there are so much on internet. what should i learn to build graphs.

What do you mean by “build graphs”?

You can make graphs in excel or some other program.

Do you mean on a web page? Well, first you need the basics of web development and then you need to use a graphing library, like D3. But really, just work on we basics first.

You mention JSON. That is just a format for storing/transferring data. If you are writing a program in JS, it is very easy to import JSON data in and convert it to JS data. But you have to learn JS first.

Yes, like display a bar graph on website. I have basic understanding of JS.

Well, I don’t know if “basic” is going to be sufficient - I would expect more of an intermediate knowledge. And I’m assuming that HTML and CSS are in there.

In any case, you can graph things yourself, manually, but that gets messy. There are libraries like D3 (FCC has a section on that). I’ve used google charts, too.

A google search turns up this: 15 Best JavaScript Chart Libraries in 2022

If you look around, there is probably a youtube tutorial for many of those.

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